Race Report - NorCal #1 : Tyler Sargent

The beginning of NorCal season is always a blast as it's the first time I get to see how my off season training has paid off. This past weekend was our first race, Fun at the Fort, in Monterey. Racing varsity this year was somewhat daunting because I knew that I would be racing some of the best California had to offer. Nevertheless I was ready for the race despite feeling nervous about how it would go. 

The day of the race came, and surprisingly I was the least nervous I'd been in recent days. I woke up and joined the team for watching the girl's races as well as freshman and sophomore boys.

Lining up for my race, there was a feeling of anticipation lingering in the air despite everyone looking calm and collected. After the neutral start, the gun went off and we sprinted for position onto the single track. I ended up fourth wheel in a group of five for the first few laps.


The five of us quickly separated from the rest of the field, each attacking and unsuccessfully trying to break away on our own. Our race was four laps, and we stuck together until the beginning of the final lap when the winner, Alexander Sugarman, made an attack that shattered the group. No one could hold his wheel and there was no more cooperation among the group. It was every man for himself. I hung on for third place, finishing within a minute or two of the winner. 

Overall I am pleased with the results of the weekend; Varsity is a tough race and I am happy to be on the podium after race one of the series. Now it's back to training for a little until I can hopefully move up and clinch the win in two weeks time at Laguna Seca.