Race Report - NorCal #2 : Josh Tajiri

I was very excited coming into this race, as it was only my second NorCal race. After my first lap preriding the course, it was not my favorite track. On the second time around, my opinions about it changed. I rode the second lap a lot faster, and I enjoyed it a lot more. At the end of the course, there is a long climb out of the valley, called Hurl Hill. I especially enjoyed this part of the race, because it is an awesome place to pass other racers.

The morning of the race, I felt strong and I was ready to go. The race started up a short steep climb, where I sat in second position. I pulled onto the front at about halfway through the climb. The course then looped back down, before heading up into the single track. As I started to pass riders from the race ahead of me, I knew it would be important to be the first one to the trail, and I was. Trying to drop my competition, I pushed the limits down the major descent of the track. Only one other rider stayed with me. Riding as fast as I was, I slid out on a berm, but quickly recovered, only losing one place. I passed the other rider on the next hill and we stayed together for another mile. While making another pass, I crashed for a second time. My competition opened a gap of about thirty seconds over me. As the course went back uphill, I slowly clawed back time. I caught and passed him again at the bottom of Hurl Hill. On the second lap, I rode the major descent more conservatively, and the two of us stayed together. I rode the whole uphill section of the course very fast. My Scott Scale shot up the climb so fast, it gave me a huge advantage. I ended up dropping the other racer by a minute and I took the win at my second NorCal race.


Professional racer, Emily Batty, was at the race, supporting the kids and handing out medals to the leaders. It was awesome to be able to meet her. Overall, I was very pleased with how the race went. Hopefully, I can repeat my result at the next race. I totally enjoyed racing my Scott on this track, again it was the best bike for the job.