Race Report - NorCal #2 : Lauren Desrosiers

Coming off of a close race and 4th place finish at the first NorCal of the season I was excited to find myself back at Laguna Seca, a venue that is home to beautiful green and rolling hills, the Sea Otter Classic, and the ever so famous NorCal “hurl hill.”

Preriding Saturday afternoon I was surprised to see the course super rutted up and a bit of power sucking mud in sections. I knew it would make all the difference to recognize these lines and avoid them to make sure I could stay as smooth and fast as possible during my race. I was also pleased climb hurl hill with a smile, because that smile definitely wouldn't be the same the next day climbing it;)

After an amazing dinner on the Wharf overlooking the ocean it seemed like Sunday at the crack of dawn was here before I could open my eyes. Before I knew it, we were at the track bright and early. Sunrises and sunsets happen to be one of my favorite things in life and seeing this one took my breath away, but calmed me down enough to look beyond the pre race nerves, and get me stoked for a great day ahead!

Lining up next to my favorite group of ladies with the addition of Emily Batty, a huge role model of mine was so inspiring. The countdown began and we were off. I made sure to position myself well from the beginning to ensure I wouldn't lose the group and have clear views of the course. Our group was similar in size to the first race, and I knew that we needed to up the pace to cut it down. The feeling of light legs and a little bit of confidence, after the first lap I knew that I would be holding on and battling for position until the end. Three laps passed by and our group was down to myself and two other riders. The time to attack would be now… Mina made an attack leading on the last lap and I went around Clodagh to hop on her wheel. Thanks to my TwinLoc lockout system I was able to quickly transition my full suspension into different settings on the fast downhills and steep uphills, keeping me in the game.

With not too much time left in the race, and Mina and I wheel to wheel, climbing out of the canyon I made an attack on her that she was able to counter attack and power away from. Coming across the line I had the biggest smile on my face for a challenging and fast and race with which I could come away with a podium finish.

I can't explain how blessed I am to be apart of such a great high school team and to have the support of the Cycling Development- SCOTT team. Lots more to come! See you out there:)