Race Report - NorCal #2 : Sean Dickie

Leading into this second NorCal league race, I was feeling a little off and wasn’t sure how I’d perform. The whole week I couldn't think about anything but the race. Once the day of the race came I knew it was going to be hard, but I was determined to do my best.

On the first lap the pace started off strong. Sebastian Dow and I were off the front and going hard, and I began to start feeling the pain of the fast pace. I didn’t feel great on the first lap, but when I hit the second lap I started to feel better. It was at that moment I knew I had a chance at winning and I developed my race strategy around it.

I moved to the front to set the pace on the climb so that I would be in front on the downhill, making sure I had ample time to recover. The pace picked up with each lap and my legs were feeling the effort by the fourth lap.

When I reached hurl hill on the last lap, Sebastian was right on my back tire and started to pass me. I shifted into a harder gear, dug deep and started sprinting to the top. Reaching the top of hurl hill, I was hurting but Sebastian was still right with me. With the help of the SRAM Eagle and the 36T chain ring in the front I was able to set a super-fast pace on the downhill before the finish.  I went as hard as I could, opened a gap of 11 seconds and won the race!  

Overall it was a great weekend of racing with friends and teammates.  I can’t want to get back to Fort Ord in a couple weeks!