TBF MTB Showdown - David Duncan

I had been looking forward to this race for quite some time. With that mind set, going into the race I was quite excited. I was excited to get to race with some rocket fast competition such as Tofor Lewis and my teammate Cody Schwartz. Upon completing my warm up routine I made my way over to the start line and was ready for the fun to begin. Upon starting the race I quickly established a spot for myself in the lead group. After the group settled in the first lap was mostly uneventful and was at a rather slow pace. However after starting the second lap we began to slowly pick up the pace. Upon hitting the bottom of the first main climb in the course I made a key mistake and came unclipped losing all of my speed and momentum going into the hill. After this the group began to pull away from me and Scott Williams, we spent the remainder of that lap chasing down the lead group. Towards the end of the road section of the lap we finally caught back top to the lead group which now was 5 strong. Going into the third lap I felt fatigued from my effort on the second lap. I ended up falling off of the back of the lead group about half way through the lap and rode alone for a while. However towards the end of the road section Scott caught me and we began to work together for the remainder of the race. Going into the last section of the lap I was able to pull ahead of Scott and take 4th in the pro field. All in all it was a great day of racing and I am looking forward to the next one!