Granite Bay Grinder - Sean Dickie

The 4th NorCal Race was by far the craziest. Being in the JV class I expected to do four laps but that was not the case. The weather was clear for most of the day until it got close to the JV and Varsity races. The rain started dumping and the race got delayed. The race was then changed to 2 laps, half the distance we were going to do. After hearing this I knew it was going to be an all out sprint. Going off the start I gave it my all and dropped my competition. I held a strong lead for most of the lap until I was caught up with lap traffic and multiple crashes that took place in front of me. This allowed the gap to decrease and 2nd place caught back up to me. The race was hectic and my back tire was sliding through almost every corner. Going into the last lap the other racer was right on my tire and I knew I had to drop him if I wanted to win. I waited until a technical uphill climb that was rocky and decided to make my move there. I ride this course all the time so I had the technical advantage and I managed to make a gap on him. From there I sprinted all the way to the end and managed to extend my lead into a 1st place finish!