My First CAT-1 Race / Fontana Pro XTC

Going into this race I was exited as it was my first cat 1 race. Getting together with my team and racing with them was a great experience. Before the race I was a bit nervous but once I got on the line I was in the zone. Going into the first lap I passed 10 riders before the fire road climb. I continued to make moves on other riders throughout the lap and into the second lap. I got into a rythm with another rider and we worked together passing one rider after the next. At this point I was still feeling strong and things were coming together for a great race. That was until I had a mechanical on the downhill. I thought the chain just fell off at first glance, but the chain guard vibrated loose and got lodged into my front chain ring causing a devastating end to my race. As once this happened there was nothing I could do. I have to give major kudos to my teammate Tyler Sargent, as he rolled up on me after my mechanical he stopped to see if I was ok. Although it wasn't the result I wanted, I'm exited for my next CAT-1 race at Sea Otter.