California State Championships - Sean Dickie

Leading into the State Championship Race I retained the leader's jersey from NorCal. Winning NorCal there was a lot of pressure to perform well at states from myself as I knew I should be in the front, I just had to get my mind in the right place. The weeks leading up to the race my coach (Jon Hyatt) made sure to give me ample time to rest my legs and help me peak for this race. With this in mind I felt ready physically and mentally as this is what I was training for all year. The morning I traveled to the race I even shaved my legs for the first time. When I finally got to the line and my name was called my heart felt like it was about to explode I was so nervous. The few minutes I had to wait on the line before the race started felt like an hour there was so much anticipation. Once my race started it was a full sprint to try to get into position. I quickly fell behind Matt SaldaƱa and a crazy fast pace was set. Within the first half mile Matt and I had already dropped the rest of the competition. I fell in behind Matt's draft and tried to hang on for dear life. Being only one beat below my max heart rate I knew I was in for a brutal ride. I hung in with Matt for the first lap but he broke away from me on a major hill climb the next lap. I was able to slowly close the gap from about 40 seconds to 30 thanks to people keeping me updating along with my coach Mark Ferry. As the race wasn't even close to being over I kept pushing and I was told there was a 10 second gap after trying to catch up. This was motivating and I kept pushing but unfortunately with the course being so bumpy I bottomed out my suspension and ended up going over the bars. This easily set my back 20 seconds but I got back up and kept going. I ended up finishing the race in second not to far behind Matt but I gave it my all and pushed myself to a new level I had never gone to before. States was a great experience and my whole year has been and incredible journey to get where I am now. I couldn't have achieved what I have this year without the help of my coaches , my teammates and my family.