Sea Otter Classic - David Duncan

The Sea Otter Classic provided a great weekend of racing. After traveling down Thursday afternoon I picked up my race packet at registration and helped get the team pit area set up. Once we were all set up I headed to the hotel to get a solid meal and a good nights sleep before Short Track on the following day. Waking up in the morning I was able to get a good breakfast in and then headed over to the venue for my first race. Once the time came to start warming up I hopped on the trainer and began my routine. After completing my warmup I went to the start line and was ready to go. I was disappointed with how far back I was positioned on the line. With that in mind I knew that I had to get off to an aggressive and fast start. However once the gun went off I found myself boxed in for the first several minutes and was unable to move up in field. After the first lap the race began to spread out and I realized how far back I was from where I would have liked to have been. However I didn't let that stop me, my legs felt great and I went full throttle and began moving up. I found my self jumping from one group of riders to the next until I settled in with a group of riders at the start of the 6th lap. Going into the 7th and final lap of the race I found myself at the lead of my group. Once we hit the pavement that led us into the only climb on the course I stood up and gave it everything I had and charged up the hill. Near the top of the climb I was able to gainanother spot. I was then able to hold that position to finish in 46th place in a stacked pro field.

After completing a pre ride of the XC course with my teammate Cody Schwartz I headed back to the Hotel to rest for the XC race on Saturday. After arriving at the venue on Saturday I was feeling a bit nervous for the race due to how fatigued my legs were feeling from the Short Track race. Despite this however I was able to get a good starting position on the line. The race was full speed from the moment the gun went off. After losing a lot of places during the initial sprint up the starting hill I was  able to settle into a pace. For the remainder of the race I found myself slowly but surely moving up in the field. Coming up to the finish of the 5th lap I was disappointed to see the USAC officials telling me to exit the course. I was able to come away with a 74th place finish. Although I was disappointed that I was pulled from the XC race I was happy with my performance and was ready to enjoy Sea Otter without worrying about my race! All in all Sea Otter went great and I can't wait until next year.