Epic Rides Carson City - Alexander Hill

This was without a doubt, the most surprising and exciting race of my entire life. From a training perspective, I felt ready for this race as I had been tapering for the week and my hard workouts of the week went well. To prepare, I also kept my sleep schedule on track and made sure I was eating healthy, also, I did yoga on Wednesday morning and in the afternoon did a Float tank therapy session to help my muscles and mind relax and get into a good place. Friday night, I went to bed around 8pm and woke up at 2:30am before hopping in the car and being drove to Carson City by my dad. Rolling in around 6am, I ate some oatmeal,as pre race tradition, and then headed to the registration tent and got my number. I watched the 50 go off before warming up before my race. After a 20 minute warm up, I rolled to the start line and ended up starting about 3 rows back from the start. As soon as the race started, Sean and I made our way to the front and sat on another Junior rider's wheel for a few miles as we headed up the start lap climb. I felt really good up this climb and Sean and I broke away from the rest of the pack we had formed in the beginning of the race as we hit the singletrack, during the descent, Sean suffered a mechanical and I went solo out front for the remainder of the start loop, at the bottom being caught by Kenny Wehn, another 35 rider from Stans NoTubes. I felt really great after the start loop and decided to race my own race while heading into the main loop, breaking away from Kenny on the first stretch of climb. I stayed very focused for the climb and just hammered it out. Passing was a breeze as everyone in the race were really easy going and willing to move over, which was awesome. The entire second lap I just kept telling myself to race my own race. In the end, it totally worked out. I hit the road after the singletrack had stopped and was met with a police escort to the finish line. Not only did I win the Junior Men's category by an hour, but also won the overall for the Carson City 35, with over 220 riders! Probably the happiest I've been after a race ever, it still hasn't hit me but I'm stoked. I got to do my first ever interview for mountain biking. Super successful day, can't wait for next year.