Epic Rides Carson City - Sean Dickie

The Carson City Off-Road was a great event and Epic Rides did an amazing job putting it all together; from the announcers, good people and of course the trails! I raced the 35 mile race along with my teammate Alexander Hill. Towards the beginning of the race there was a long road and I stayed on the draft of another rider. The pace began to be far too slow so I made the pass and continued up a long fire-road. From there I was still feeling fresh and we were beginning to near the top of the climb. I was ready to go hard at this point and I began to start a sprint and bomb the decent. But just as I began to start a gap I punctured my tire on a rock! Still hoping to get back into the competition I let the Stans sealant try to fill the puncture then shot the tire up with a C02 cartridge. Unfortunately it didn't hold so I resorted to putting a tube in. Once I finally fixed it I easily lost about 5 minutes but I wasn't going to give up that easy. Seeing that the tube was holding I starting to pick up speed again but I only got about a half mile before I got a pinch flat and had to stop again. The course was extremely rocky and I got very unlucky. At this point I didn't have another tube so I had to walk a mile or so before another rider stopped for me and gave me a tube. Taking off the tire again I pumped up the tube but realized something was very off. The tube I got was a 26 in. tube! So once again I put the tire back on and continued to walk for quite sometime until a sweep came. The sweep helped me out and got me another tube and I got rolling again. I only made it about 100 yards before it was flat again though. So at this point I figured there was something sharp that was in the tire popping the tube, but I felt my fingers through the tire and nothing was there. I continued to walk another mile or so until someone else stopped and gave me a c02 and a 29 in. tube luckily. This time the tube held and I was able to ride back down to the bottom. Overall it was a very frustrating experience as I was in the lead, but anyone who races knows the good races are not without the bad ones. The main thing is to not let something like this event stop you from coming back just as hard the next race. I'm going to keep training and come back ready to crush it at nationals!