Sean Dickie - USA Cycling Cross Country National Championships

This year Nationals was at Snowshoe Mt. in West Virginia, so coming from California it was a pretty long trip. I shipped my bike so once I arrived I had to reassemble it. Once my bike was set I did a pre-ride of the course to be prepared. The course was defiantly the craziest cross country course I've ever raced and the amount of crashes only proved it. There were slick roots, off cambered turns and a huge rock garden that looked like it was straight out of an enduro course. The day of the race it started to rain and even some lightning was in the distance. The race got delayed an hour and it messed with everyone's warmup. I didn't have a good call up so I pretty much started in the back. On the first lap I managed to make my way from 77th to about 50th but after that it all started to go downhill. I went into the race with sore legs and I wasn't able to maintain a hard effort. I started to cramp up and I was slowly getting passed. The rock garden is at the end of the lap after the longest climb so nobody was fresh going into it. In practice I had no issue with this section but at the end of the second lap I was hurting bad and when I hit the rock garden I wasn't on it and my front tire slipped causing me to go over the bars. I slammed on my back and bruised my leg which put me out of contention in the race. Traveling all that way and having everything go wrong hurt physically and mentally. I should've been no where near my position as I've beaten people that got top 30. The race didn't go my way but I'm not going to let it get in the way moving forward. I had a great season overall and I'm ready to come back stronger next year.