Blake Griffin - NorCal #2 Laguna Seca


What a great race at Laguna Seca NorCal race two. It is such an awesome experience being apart of a team that is full of energy and cheers every rider on. The course was in perfect condition since it rained the day before which allowed me and other riders to give it our all. I was not quite sure how to approach this race because it was four laps instead of three like at the last race. So I decided to see how things played out at the start of the race. With another good start I took the lead and pushed my hardest until the very end. This race had a lot more hills than the previous race but I was well prepared because of the training rides I did the earlier weeks. I had a good lead by the first lap so I was able to keep my own pace and take first in JV once again. Time to focus on the next race and keep training hard.