Sean Dickie - NorCal Race #1 - Fort Ord

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Going into the first NorCal race I was exited for the beginning of the season. Lining up in my first varsity race was a new feeling but I felt right at home. Heading out into the first lap I lead the pack but by the second lap I settled into second trying to get into the pace line. The race was going well and I was feeling strong. Every few hills we would be constantly testing each other trying to sprint but pack stayed together. Heading into the last lap I was in second getting ready to make a move when I had the chance.  Unfortunately I ended up having a bad crash instead, loosing my front tire in a sandy corner.  I landed on my wrist and when I got up I couldn’t grip the bar without immense pain. I continued to ride for about a mile but every downhill got more painful and the adrenaline began to die down. I ended up having to DNF due to bruised bone and a sprained wrist from the crash. The race didn’t go as planned and I hope to be back at it as soon as possible, I am more determined than ever to come back even stronger!

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