Alex Huss - NorCal Race #2 - Granite Bay Grinder

It was the perfect weekend for NorCal’s Race #2 in Granite Bay. The sun was out and the course was perfect. The Friday before the race I chose to go out on the course with some friends and scope out the lines I was going to take throughout the course and the areas where I would drink and eat. Once I was done scoping out the course I did one lap around the course and saw how fast I could go and still make the corners. After I was completely done with the pre-ride I went home ate a very big dinner and then eventually made it to my bed. 

I got a big nights sleep and felt very recovered which made me ready because I knew that I would be able to perform at my best during the race. Three hours before the race began I ate my pre-race meal which consisted of oatmeal and blueberries and lots of spaghetti. 


Finally it was race time, I was called up to the start line and got ready for the big sprint. Once I heard the count down end I sprinted as fast as I could into the first position and stayed there for the whole first lap while conserving my energy for later use and creating a pretty big gap between me and second place. However at the end of the first lap I peeled the sidewall of my tire off my rim and the tire deflated.  I tried to re-inflate the tire but there was too much debris in the sidewall. I had a long run back to the pits where I put another wheel on and went back at it. Of course, by this point in the race I knew that there was no way I could get anywhere near the front. Even with knowing this I still tried my hardest to race those last laps and once I got to the finish line I was a little mad at myself but overall just happy cause I now know that with good sleep and good nutrition I have the ability to race at the front. Can’t wait for the next round at Laguna Seca.