Mark Duncan - NorCal Race #2 - Granite Bay Grinder


The Granite Bay Grinder was definitely one to put down in the books. I woke up early on race morning to an egg sandwich on wheat toast. I hadn't realized how nervous I was until I tried eating, I could barely get down half of the sandwich that I made. I arrived at the race and I was able to watch the starts of all the women races, and then I went back to the team tent to relax with the nervousness of the race ahead coursing through my body. I went on a warm up on the road and did sprints across a levee, when I returned I was able to catch the end of the Varsity Women's race, and watch my teammate Grace Murphy come in victorious. Soon after i headed to the start line, where I met up with the kid who beat me last race (Blake Macheras). As soon as we started talking my nervousness died down, remembering how much fun it is to race with him. Before I knew it we were off, Blake and I had already created a small gap from our field, and we were going at steady pace. After half of the first lap I started pulling (riding in the front) up until about a quarter through the second lap. Blake started pulling again, by now we had created a solid 3 and half minute gap from our field. Now we had to worry about catching up to the rear half of the D1 field. Soon we had caught up to the field, which was not as hard as we had thought.


We were coming up on a little past halfway through the second lap when we both got pushed into a deep section of mud. Blake had tipped over, and I saw this as my chance to break away. I hammered through the last quarter of the lap and was able to build approximately a 30 second gap when coming into the finish victoriously. This being my first NorCal win, i was overjoyed to come in first, and as always it was fun shredding with Blake and I look forward to another challenge at the next NorCal race at Laguna Seca.