Chris Sargent

Age: 48

Chris lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills with his wife and two teenage children.  He has been an avid cyclist his entire life.  He has also been involved in coaching a variety of youth sports over the last 10 years.  These two interests came together in 2012, when his son Tyler decided to join his high school's mountain bike team.

Since that time, Chris has become a NICA certified head coach for mountain biking.  He enjoys spending time helping coach and mentor teenagers, with the goal of instilling in them a lifelong love of cycling. 

One of Chris' primary roles on the Cycling Development Scott USA team is helping manage the data that we track about each of our athletes.  This includes both data from their workouts (power and heart rate) as well as heart rate variability.  Chris is a bit of a data nerd, which makes this role a perfect fit.

In addition to his coaching responsibilities,  Chris is known to strap on a number and race competitively himself on occassion.  He competes in the local race scene as well as a handful of larger races such as the Sea Otter Classic.  

When he's not chasing fast teenagers around on the bike, you'll find him working at his job as a software company director, spending time with his family, and relaxing at home.