David Duncan

Age: 20

David began his athletic career in the 2nd grade when he caught the running bug, trying to keep up with his two older brothers as they trained for track and cross country running events.  David wanted to be a runner like his brothers were.  Early on in high school, David expanded his athletic resumé when he joined a local swim team, enjoying the cross-training aspect of both swimming and running.  During his junior year in high school, he discovered mountain biking and signed up for his school’s mountain bike team.  A true love of mountain biking ensued and David quickly began to excel in high school league races and other local races.  After learning about about XTERRA off-road triathlons, David decided to put his experience in all three disciplines (open water swimming, trail running, and mountain biking) to work and competed in his first XTERRA race. He enjoyed his first XTERRA so much that he has been competing in off-road triathlons at the highest level ever since. This includes the XTERRA World Championships in 2013 and 2014, and he plans on competing again in 2017. David enjoys endurance sports because of their difficulty, the lifestyle, the sense of accomplishment, and the people he has met.

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